October 24, 2015

Cover your tattoos at a bath house in Japan

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¨More than 50% of Japanese hotels and ryokans nationwide bar entry to their bathing facilities by guests with tattoos, according to a survey by the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA)....Of the 581 that replied, 56% said they do bar guests with tattoos, while 31% said they do not and 13% said they allow guests with tattoos into onsens if their tattoos are covered up

Source: 56% of hotels in Japan bar visitors with tattoos from bathing facilities
OCT. 22, 2015
Japan Today


The key is to cover your tattoos. If you do not you will be punished (excluded) which can mean being asked to leave the establishment or made to feel very uncomfortable.

It is that simple. By covering up your tatoos you meet the requirements and do not bring attention to yourself. A win -win.

This video shows how to cover your videos when you visit a Japanese bath house or swimming pool.

Yes, it can be very annoying and time consuming to do but it allows you to participate in one of the most enjoyable activities. A few small steps and preparing can save you a lot of grief!

Our recommendation is to get some high quality packing tape, the type that can be easily torn without scissors and pick a colour that blends in with your skin tone and looks like a bandage. 

Put on before visiting the bath so you can get undressed easily and enter the bath or pool without blinking or thinking twice about it.

If you do not cover up, staff will interupt you at the bath house or pool and ask you to leave the premises which is a very uncomfortable scenario. 

So do not put yourself through this drama!

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