October 06, 2015

Review: Japanese Student Success High School to MBA Australia by Rawdon Dalrymple




Reviewed by Rawdon Dalrymple, AO. (Order of Australia)

Rawdon Dalrymple is visiting Professor in the Department of Government at the University of Sydney where he teaches courses in International Relations. He is also Chairman of the ASEAN Focus Group Pty Ltd. He has published articles in journals in Australia and the United States and writes a monthly column in a leading Japanese newspaper. He was the Australian Ambassador to Japan 1989 -1993

"There is paucity of research that examines the positive experiences of international students...Research that throws light on how students benefit from their experience, and then subsequently apply that experience, is therefore very welcome...

" is useful in helping to fill a substantial gap in our understanding…It is also useful to learn more about the factors that motivate individual Japanese students to study in Australia"

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