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December 05, 2015

Japanese Customer News December 5th 2015

“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered ….supplementary budget ….local media said the package will likely exceed 3 trillion yen and will be prepared in December, for approval early in the new year….It will likely include one-time subsidies of 30,000 yen for cash-strapped pensioners…Japan slipped into a mild recession in the spring. Although the jobless rate fell to a 20-year low of 3.1% in October, according to data released Friday, consumer spending and incomes also edged down as the tight labor market failed to spur significant increases in wages.”

Source: Japan plans extra budget, handouts to pensioners to pump up recovery, by Elaine Kurtenbach, Nov. 28, 2015, Japan Today.com

“Forbes Japan presented trophies to 13 young individuals who have launched companies that look ahead of the time — in a very global way. The ceremony was titled “Japan’s Startup of the Year 2016”  

Source: ‘Global’ a key word in Forbes Japan’s selection of top start-up entrepreneurs for 2016, by Alexandra Homma, Dec. 03, 2015, Japan Today.com

“Hayabusa 2 was launched a year ago aboard Japan’s main H-IIA rocket from Tanegashima Space Center for its six-year mission to bring back mineral samples from the asteroid… Ryugu… The probe is the successor to JAXA’s first asteroid explorer, Hayabusa which returned to Earth in 2010 with dust samples after a seven-year mission in mid-2018 and spend around 18 months in the area. “

Source: Asteroid probe conducts 'Earth swing-by' in space quest, AFP, Dec. 04, 2015, Japan Today.com

“8: Wards in central Tokyo whose residents will be eligible for Amazon Japan’s new one-hour delivery service”

Source: Small Print: December 3, 2015, Crazy cranes, golden goodies, space sites, By Steve Trautlein, Posted on December 3, 2015, Metropolis Japan.com http://metropolisjapan.com/small-print-december-3-2015

According to Numbeo website Crime Index for Country 2015 Mid Year, Japan ranked 117 out of 120 for crime, meaning it is one of the lowest crime countries in the world, after Quatar, Singapore and South Korea the safest country in 2015.

Source: Numbeo website accessed Friday December 4th 2015, http://www.numbeo.com/crime/rankings_by_country.jsp

In terms of longevity, Japanese customers ranked at number two in the world in 2015 after Monaco with a life expectancy of 84.74 years

Source: Geoba.se website accessed Friday December 4th, 2015.http://www.geoba.se/population.php?pc=world&type=015&year=2015&st=rank&asde=&page=1

● “Japanese customers household saving rates expressed as a %

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017









1.75 “

Source: Global Finance website, accessed Friday 4th December 2015


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