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August 01, 2017

Book Review: Kill the Shogun By Dale Furutani

Author:        Dale Furutani  
Publisher:    Harper Collins, New York.USA.2000.
                        ISBN:          0-688-15819-6       
                      Pages:          230

Daily life in Edo (Tokyo) in 1603

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Dale Furutani writes about Edo (modern day Tokyo) in 1603 when the Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa ruled and was building Edo castle.

A historical samurai story about a ronin (a master less samurai) Kaze Matsuyama who lost his lord in the great battle of Sekigahara a major turning point in Japanese history.

We find him seeking to avenge his lord and lords wifes death and to find and take care of their young daughter who has been taken away by strangers.

Action and waiting were a natural balance, like breathing in and breathing out p201

The story takes us along the dusty streets, wooden houses, theatres and gambling dens of the sprawling Edo where we gain insights into politics, daily life, military rule. He particularly draws us to the many special things that made Edo great, for example: street vendors, entertainers, bath houses and the people.

A very insightful look into an important historical period with an entertaining view of the people, lifestyle, relationships and loyalties.

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