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February 01, 2018

Book Review - A Healing Family By Kenzaburo Oe


Book Review

   A Healing Family by Kenzaburo Oe

Author:                  Kenzaburo Oe
Translated by:       Stephen Snyder
Publisher:              Kodansha International. Tokyo. Japan 2001
ISBN:                     4-7700-2733-8
                      Pages:                   146                            

Personal life experiences & important lessons

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A Healing Family shares the difficulties and joys of bringing up a disabled son in Japan. Kenzaburo Oe draws on his personal experiences which included the importance of linking with likeminded people. The routines of doctors visits and medicine pick-ups, sharing and learning with other families, learning about oneself, being more patient, dealing with critics, discovering the warmth of strangers and the daily activities one must learn.

He explains how his son Hikari has bonded the family together and what seemed at first a difficulty has become an advantage. The book is in plain talk, honest, frank and inspiring.

Hopefully the book will help to open peoples minds to the difficulties faced. He believes that disabled people should not be isolated but integrated and involved, listened to and learned from particularly how they get through tough days and situations without the skills we have but dont fully use.

A book that shares life experiences and important issues.


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