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April 01, 2018

Book Review - The Memory Book By Jerry Lucas

Book  Review – The Memory Book

Author: Jerry Lucas & Harold Lorayne
Publisher: Ballantine, Random House, New York, USA, 1974.
ISBN: 0-345-33758-1
Pages: 206.

An essential tool for improving your memory

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The book opens with a foreword from Jerry Lucas who recalls his childhood, how Harold Lorayne was one of his idols and how he used his memory methods at school and did very well in his grades. The book is a series of 27 chapters that recall the first meeting between the two and cover a wide range of topics, insights, practical exercises & techniques

Anyone who reads the book will benefit as the skills will enhance your everyday life skills. For language learners chapter 7 has some great techniques.

where memory is concerned, an entity consists of two things.. a definition or meaning to a word” p 39

“…foreign word is changed to a definite tangible picture in the mind

* It is a paperback so it is small, light & easy to carry meaning that you can read it anywhere.
* The book gets started early with simple, easy to understand, practical memory skills
* Good range of topics & techniques – tips for putting names to faces, remembering speeches and important information.

* Not enough time to read, practice & fully explore all that is in this book

* A very useful, practical & simple way to improve your memory. Techniques are easy to apply and use in your daily life

Book  Review – The Memory Book

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