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September 01, 2018

Book Review Kangaroo Notebook by Kobo Abe

Book Review – Kangaroo Notebook

Author: Kobo Abe

Translator: Maryellen Toman Mori 

Publisher: Alfred. A. Knopf, New Yoork, USA, 1996

ISBN: 0-679-42412-1 Pages: 183

A wild ride from start to finish

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This is the last novel by Kobo Abe before his death in 1993. It takes the reader on a fantastic journey from everyday life to a deep dream like state where we get to learn more about the main character who is an employee for an office supply firm who has recently suggested a new product, a Kangaroo Notebook which management like and want to reward him if he can put the idea into reality.

As he contemplates the idea he discovers he has a medical problem to deal with and the novel takes us along for the ride as he tries to discover the cause and gain a solution. We meet a host of interesting characters, places and recollections. He finally ends up in hospital with an unrelated condition where he gets some help from some unlikely strangers. 

A fun, crazy and creative dive into to the subconscious!

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Book Review – Kangaroo Notebook