🌸Japanese Customer : Book Review: Five Women Who Loved Love by Ihara Saikaku


October 01, 2018

Book Review: Five Women Who Loved Love by Ihara Saikaku

Author: Ihara Saikaku

Translator: William Theodore De Bary

Publisher: Kodansha Amer Inc (February 1993)

ISBN: 978-4770016904

Pages: 248

A collection of short stories on women who love love

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 A collection of five short stories by Ihara Saikaku who live in the period 1642 to 1693. Each story tells of a couple who love each other but who cannot be together and their ensuing struggles to keep their love.

The reader gets transported back to the time period in which the stories are written and gains great insights into the lifestyle and social norms of the period, plus get to meet the characters of each story and how they met, lived and challenges they faced to find love.

The stories include: The story of Seijuro in Himeji, The Barrelmaker Brimful of Love, What the seasons brought the Almanac maker, The Greengrocers daughter with a bundle of love and Gengobei, the mountain of love.

A very light, humorous and historical book that sheds light on the social conditions for love in the period.

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