June 01, 2019

Book Review The Dark Room by Junnosuke Yoshiyuki

Book Review The Dark Room by Junnosuke Yoshiyuki

A man who has had a carefree life as a writer reflects deeply on his life after the death of his wife Keiko after a car accident cut short their marriage. He has had a string of women in his life since but none can fill the gap. 

Set in post-world war II Tokyo we get insights to the man’s life as a writer, his daily rituals, work briefs and his relationships with bosses and women. 

A friend Tsunoki approaches him and asks him to consider a manuscript about a diary of his encounters with women, he tries to reject the offer but slowly accepts. 

This book it seems is that manuscript and we gain details of his relationships with inn girls, Takako, Natsue and Maki who all have a place in his life but who he never invites home.

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