🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese Customer: Book: Japanese Student Success - High School to MBA - Australia - Overview


June 20, 2020

Japanese Customer: Book: Japanese Student Success - High School to MBA - Australia - Overview

Japanese Student Success - High School to MBA - Australia

What you will gain

● What drives students to study in Australia?

● How students succeed and how they measure success.

● Typical student pathways and key motivations.

● Important cultural clues by education sector

● New insights into student’s buyer behaviour.

Special Features:

● Buyer behaviour broken down by education sector.

● Holistic student profiles for each education sector revealing
experiences before study, during study and after study.

● Insights to the Japanese Education market

Who will benefit:

● Vice Chancellors, Deans, Country - Managers, Recruitment staff,
International office staff, Administrators, Teachers, Support staff, Home
stay providers, Accommodation providers, Private businesses,
For example: Insurance companies, Banking, Real estate, Transport, etc,
supporting international students and any business wishing to attract,
manage and retain Japanese international students as long-term customers.

8 ways you can benefit from this research

1. 118 pages of current market specific, qualitative research with recommendations.

2. Over 33, 000 words and including 18 tables of facts you can use right now in creating your own institutions marketing plan for attracting, managing and retaining Japanese students.

3. Research includes information gained from over 50 interviews conducted in Australia and Japan with a wide range of industry practitioners and experts on the Japanese student market.

4. 56 references to current articles, books and publications by leading industry practitioners on international education.

5. Introducing the “Success Continuum” a model that manages international students success.

It analyses the transitions students undertake and matches them with the required actions institutions need to undertake in order to create positive student experiences that are a vital component in success.

6. Conclusions that focus on what is success, factors that affected success and ways to increase success

7. Recommendations based on research results, interviews and current market place information which is broken down by user, 1. Government 2. Institutions and 3. Private businesses

8. Comprehensive holistic student profiles for each major education sector broken down by Japan background experiences, Australian study experiences and Post study reflections

● High school
● Private VET
● English Language School
● Foundation course
● Undergraduate
● Post Graduate University (MBA)

Japanese Student Success - High School to MBA- Australia

ISBN: 0 9580582-8-8.

Format: PDF