🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese Customer: Branding and its importance to japanese customers


June 20, 2020

Japanese Customer: Branding and its importance to japanese customers

Photo: Hiyashi Chuka- make at home pack. Consumers when selecting this meal in a supermarket select the one that is the most famous, well known or they have been using and enjoy.

Photo: Hiyashi Chuka as a meal , a cold noodle dish that is widely eaten in summer for its refreshing taste and healthy benefits. Cold noodles are served with sliced ham and vegaetables, lettuce, tomato and fried egg finely sliced

Japanese Customers like brands and easily get attached to them. Whether it is a hand bag made in Australia, a brand of biscuits, a pair of shoes or a video game. Japanese Customers have strong brand attachment, that takes years to create, manage and maintain.

Takashi Sensui, general manager of Microsoft's Xbox division in Japan.: "Japanese consumers have always had [feelings of] attachment to established brands. They feel very comfortable, very safe to go with proven brands" in the online article: TGS 06: Q&A with Takashi Sensui. by Walt Wyman, GameSpot, Posted Sep 23, 2006 3:52 pm PT

What does this mean for marketers? It means that the image you create must be strong, trustworthy and reliable. A brand that will be here tomorrow, can be serviced, upgraded and continue to please customers.

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