June 20, 2020

Japanese Customer: Finnair meets Japanese customers expectations in air travel accorrding to survey

Japanese Customers have voted for their favourite Western airline.In a recent issue of Ab-road Magazine. Finnair ranked as the most popular Western airline after,All Nippon, Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines. Also read about the survey at Just the flight So how did they do it?

How did a western company meet the needs of Japanese Customers in the competitive air travel market? Finnair has been serving Japanese Customers for a long time, 23 years, they also have Japanese speaking cabin staff, they offer the fastest connections between Japan and 30 European capitals. "Finnair received a special mention as it "tries to serve meals that are designed to take the tastes of Japanese Customers into account". The time they have invested and the care they take to understand the customer has paid off for them. Congratulations to Finnair on their great achievement!

Meeting the needs of Japanese Customers doesn't have to be a difficult experience. Having a clear goal, an understanding of the customers needs and listening, adjusting and learning about the customer are keys to providing them a service they want and get them returning.

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