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June 20, 2020

Japanese market - Overview

General information:

· Japan has over 3,000 islands.
· It has the second largest economy in the world by nominal GDP.
· It has the third highest GDP by purchasing power parity.
· It is the fourth largest exporter in the world.
· It has the fifth largest defense budget in the world.
· It is the sixth largest importer in the world.
· The Tokyo Stock Exchange is the second largest stock exchange in the world.
· Japan catches more fish than any other country in the world except China.
· It has the third largest R&D budget in the world.
· More than half of the industrial robots in the world are in Japan.
Source: Seeking Alpha

English Language Education market

The estimated market size in Japanese yen for English Language was 123.3 billion yen per annum in 2003. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Specific Service Industry Monthly Statistical Reports, Foreign Language Education Schools, Apr. 2002 - Mar. 2003

Source: Nova 2003

Japan has a large ELT market. Japan accounts for nine per cent of all student weeks in the accredited ELT sector (source: English UK), making it the second largest source country. Meanwhile, it is the third largest source country for international (non-EU) students in UK further education.

S0urce: British Council - Japan market overview September 2006

Why is English language learning popular in Japan?


"The entry of foreign-owned businesses into all industries and the decrease in the size of the productive population due to the aging society mean that the need for foreign labor will increase, and the ever surging wave of borderlessness is lapping at Japan's shores. Needless to say, situations in which foreign language ability is needed are increasing exponentially. The closer the world comes, the more people are wanting to test their abilities all around the globe, overcoming hurdles such as language differences".

Source: Nova

Why don't the Japanese learn English?

"But opponents argue that the average Japanese has no need to understand much English"
Source: English Imperialism, The Japanese have more to gain than lose by learning the language Asiaweek.com
APRIL 7, 2000 VOL. 26 NO. 13