🌸Japanese Customer : 🌸 Why Cherry Blossom is an important part of Japanese culture? 🌸


April 09, 2022

🌸 Why Cherry Blossom is an important part of Japanese culture? 🌸


japanese hanami party under the sakura #japanesecustomer

Cherry blossom is the blooming of sakura flowers all over Japan from large cities to small towns.

People celebrate the sakura by having a party under the cherry blossom, which is called Hanami, 花見 or flower viewing. There is a real science to watching and viewing the flowers.

As they open at different times based on weather across Japan.

There is a whole language to describe the level of blooming, for example: mankai, means full bloom

* It is an important ritual for Japanese customers
* It gives people hope
* Allows people to interact and appreciate the beauty of nature
* It signifies change (in nature and often personal change)
* It shows the fleeting of time and how precious it is
* It reveals to individuals the preciousness of life
* It allows the celebration with friends (shared experiences)
* It allows people time to reflect on their own lives and be grateful
* Its a chance to have fun, relax, laugh and enjoy oneself
* It buys people some space from the hustle and bustle of modern life
* Provides a chance to refocus, realign, re-energize

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