🌸Japanese Customer : Best shoes for 🌸Japan travel!


June 26, 2022

Best shoes for 🌸Japan travel!

Japanese warrior Jidai Matsuri festival kyoto Japan #japanesecustomer

Photo: Japanese warrior Jidai Matsuri festival Kyoto Japan #japanesecustomer

best shoes for japan travel #japanesecustomer

Best shoes for 🌸Japan travel!

In Japan, you often find yourself taking your shoes on and off multiple times a day.

* Visiting a restaurant with a tatami floor or raised seating platform

* Visiting a person's house

* Various other occasions

* Summertime when working in the office

Birkenstock Super Birki Clogs could just about be the ideal shoes for working and travelling in Japan.

Feature/ Benefit

* Cork insert * Absorbs sweat and is easily removed
* Waterproof * Don't get wet in a downpour
* Deep textured sole * Non-slip on wet surfaces
* No laces * Save time, no bending down
* Lightweight * More space in your luggage for gifts

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