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Japan Travel

* Motorcycle Japan - A Riders Diary

Case Studies

The launch of Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 in Tokyo, Japan

The launch of McDonalds, McBakery in Japan 

The use of mobile phone coupons at McDonalds in Japan

The launch of Premium Roast Coffee at McDonalds, Japan

The launch of Apple iPhone 3 in Tokyo, Japan 

The launch of McDonalds Cinnamon Melts  in Tokyo, Japan

Shaka Shaka Chicken at McDonalds, Japan

The launch of the Nissan GT-R in Tokyo, Japan

QR Codes and their use in Japanese Marketing

Japanese Language

N3 JLPT Study Guide



Gaman - A Japanese student's four year journey - Australia

Tokyo Women Perceptions of English

Baby Boomers And The New Japanese Student

Japanese Student Success - High School to MBA - Australia

Buyer behaviour - Japanese Students - Australia

Buyer Behaviour - Japanese Students - New Zealand

101 Insights Into Japanese Culture

Age and Gender Analysis of Japanese Students - Australia

Marketing Careers for Japanese Students Australia

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