Japanese Customer: Japanese Customer News August 15th 2015

August 17, 2015

Japanese Customer News August 15th 2015

Japanese Customer News August 15th 2015

“Revenues for the…Domino’s brand in Japan, France, Belgium and the Netherlands rose by 19 per cent to $702 over the 12 month period…(Domino’s) has raised its forecast for Japan to 850 stores from 700”

Source: Domino’s fast plan to reign supreme, by Eli Greenblat, The Australian Newspaper, Wednesday August 12th, 2015, page 27.

“Although Japan had good growth in the March quarter, it had not yet overcome concerns about deflation. It’s growth will be held back by the ageing of its population, which is resulting in a falling population”

Source: Slowing Asia’s ‘threat to prosperity”, by David Uren, The Australian, Tuesday, August 11th, 2015, page 1.

“under the Japanese FTA which came into force, in January, the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) estimates it will result in $2.2 billion in foregone revenue”

Source: China FTA may cost us $4.2 billion, by Joe Kelly, Annabel Hepworth, The Australian, Tuesday August 2015

“Goldman Sachs Japan boosted net income 39 per cent to 13.6 billion yen ($148 million) last fiscal year, while revenue rose 31 per cent…Daiichi Life Insurances $US 5.5 billion ($7.4 billion) acquisition of Protective Life Corporation)”
Source: Goldman stands out in Japan, by Takahiko Hyuga and Gareth Allan, Bloomberg, The Australian Financial Review, Tuesday 11th August 2015, page 10.

“Domino’s hoped to boost sales growth in Japan by offering a cut price 1000 yen pizza and introducing GPS driver tracking and quick online ordering once a new point of sale system is installed later this year”

Source: Domino’s orders slice of offshore action, by Sue Mitchell, Australian Financial Review, Wednesday 12th August, 2015, page 22.

“Y18: Increase in the minimum wage recommended by a finance ministry panel. The wage currently stands at Y780 (AUS$8.77)”

Source: The Small Print by Steve Trautlein, Issue 1116, August 13th, 2016, 2015, metropolisjapan,com

“207.5 per cent: Increase in profits reported by Sony Corp during the April – June quarter, compared to the same period a year ago”

Source: The Small Print by Steve Trautlein, Issue 1116, August 13th, 2016, 2015, metropolisjapan.com

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