June 06, 2016

"Japan is one of those places you just gotta go to" Mikey Cahill

Carp banners on boys day Japan Copyright 1999
Picture: Carp banners on boys day Japan

"...if you haven' between to Japan, then save your yen for a plane ticket...Japan is one of those places you just gotta go to" 

Mikey Cahill

Source: Livelist
By Mikey Cahill
Herald Sun Newspaper
Saturday 12th July 2014, page 19

June 03, 2016

Japanese economy overview by Mark Burgess

"If you're looking at Japan, you have the Ministry of Finance issuing the debt, you have the Bank of Japan buying it, you can convert the debt into zero-coupon perpetual [bonds] and then gradually write the debt down," he told the conference.

"We're in a low-growth environment, and that's why we keep pulling the levers. "

Mark Burgess, chairman of Jamieson Coote Bond's advisory board

Source: The Age Newspaper, Wednesday 1st june, 2015
Demographics a challenge to global growth, May 31, 2016
Mark Mulligan

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June 02, 2016

Japan hints at delay of October sales tax increase

"A previous increase in the (sales) tax to 8 per cent in 2014 pushed Japan into a recession, prompting the government to delay the next phase of the increase that had been scheduled for October 2015"

Source: Minister back flips on Japan sales tax increase by James Mayger, Bloomberg, Australian Financial Review, Wednesday 1st JUne, 2016, page 10.

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