September 08, 2014

Australian businesses must get serious about North Asia opportunities according to Catherine Livingstone, Business Council of AUstralia

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(Australian) "Business needs to devise implementation strategies to maximize the opportunities that will arise from getting preferential access to North Asian markets and managing costs and increasing productivity in order to be genuinely attractive to our regional customers" 

Catherine Livingstone, President Australian Business Council of Australia

Source: Asia in no doubt Australia means business
By Catherine Livingstone
The Australian Newspaper
Monday 28th APril 2014, page 12

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August 18, 2014

Japan spent an estimated US$ 27.9 billion on tourism in 2012

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"International Tourism expenditure in 2012 in billions $US

US 83.5

Britain 52.3

Japan 27.9

Australia 27.6"

Source: World Tourism Association, Australian Trade Commission, WSJ

Article: Out of a hole

By Ross Kelly & Rebecca Thurlow

The Weekend Australian, 

April 26-27, 2014, page 31