November 25, 2014

Japanese teachers said to work the longest hours according to a recent survey

Japanese student Copyright Peter Hanami 2003
Picture: Japanese student 

At the blackboard - Teachers workload

                                               Total working hours      Hours spent teaching

1. Japan                                              53.9                               17.7

2. Alberta.,Canada                              48.2                               26.4

3. Singapore                                        47.6                               17.1

4. England                                           45.9                                19.6                      

5. USA                                                44.8                                26.8

6. Australia                                           42.7                               18.6

Source: Most teachers feel undervalued
By Justine Ferrari
The Australian Newspaper
Thursday 26th June, 2014, page 4

November 18, 2014

Japanese customers react differently to American when it comes to mobile marketing

Japanese mobile phone Copyright Peter Hanami 2007
Title: Japanese mobile phone 

"given that South Korea and Japan are both highly developed in terms of information technology and are culturally very different from America, responses from Korean and Japanese consumers could differ greatly from those of Americans"

Source: Mobile media use and its impact on consumer attitudes toward mobile advertising
By Jong Woo Jun & Sangmi Lee
International Journal pf Mobile Marketing
June 2007, Volume 2, No 1, page 56 & 57