May 01, 2016

What makes sakura or cherry blossom part of the Japanese spirit?

Japanese cherry blossom copyright peter hanami 2009

Picture: Japanese cherry blossom 

"If I were asked to explain the Japanese spirit, I would say it is wild cherry blossoms glowing in the morning sun!"

— Motoori Norinaga (1730-1801), nativist thinker and poet

¨It was courtiers of the .....Heian Period (794-1185) who began making of ethereal sakura (cherry blossoms) what they later became in all their glory — living poems, living symbols of beauty, life, evanescence, death, "Japanese spirit."

Source: Sakura: Soul of Japan
Through the ages, cherry trees in blossom have inspired parties and poetry
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April 26, 2016

Japanese household income estimated in 2014 at $US 45,232

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Picture: Japanese vending machine drink brands

"¥5,372,000 ($US45,232.18)..Average yearly income of all households in Japan, according to the labor ministry"

Source: Small Print: February 11, 2015
Antique whiskey, global washoku, bear deceptions and more ...
By Steve Trautlein
Issue 1090

April 20, 2016

Japan operates the global 7-Eleven business with over 58000 stores

"Seven and I first, the company operated 7- Eleven stores only in Japan. In 1991, the Japanese company then known as Ito-Yokado acquired the US operator of 7-Eleven stores. The global 7-Eleven business is now fully owned by Seven and I Holdings, with its more than 58,000 convenience stores worldwide"

Source: 7-Eleven boss falls on sword as Loeb wins board battle, 
By Megumi Fujikawa and Kosaku Narioka,
The Wall Street Journal
The Weekend Australian
April 9-10, 2016, page 33.

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