December 17, 2014

Australia's travel link with Japan is expanding as tourism increases

Japanese customer ready to travel Copyright Peter Hanami 2007
Picture: Japanese customer ready to travel

"Japan is Australia's sixth-largest inbound tourism market with 330,000 visitors in the year to September...Australian departures to Japan increased by 17 per cent in the last year, accordingg to Tourism and Transport Forum data"

Source: Qantas Haneda access will increase capacity to Japan
By Jamie Freed
Australian Financial Review
FRiday 28th November, 2014, page 5

December 16, 2014

Japanese investment in R & D estimated at $ AUD 165 billion in 2014

Japanese business meeting Copyright Peter Hanami 2007
Title: Japanese business meeting

"Japan...(number two in the world for R& D investment)..spending an estimated $165 billion....on R&D in 2014. Australia in 12th place, spending an estimated $23 billion...equivalent to 2.3 per cent of GDP"

Source: China powers R&D as Asia leads change
By Tim Dodd
Australian Financial Review
Monday 30th June 2014, page 34