July 27, 2014

Japanese students ignoring Australia due to high exchange rate and cost of living

"The number of Japanese students coming to Australia has dropped due to the exchange rate and the cost of living in Australia according to XL education agent Young Sook Moon"

Source: Japan free trade agreement will open many doors
By Su-Lin Tan
Australian Financial Review Newspaper
Saturday 12th July, 2014, p10 

July 21, 2014

"Japanese automakers...focus on core principles that don't change: reliability, affordability and practicality" Rework - Jason Fried

"Japanese automakers...focus on core principles that don't change: reliability, affirdability and practicality. People wanted those things thirty years ago, they want them today, and they'll want them thirty years from now"

Source: Rework - Change the way you work forever
By Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
Page 85
Vermilion books, 2010

July 07, 2014

New report shows that Japanese companies have stockpiled $1.56 trillion in cash or equivalent to Australia's total economic output

Japanese Currency Copyright Peter Hanami 2005
Picture: Japanese Currency 

"A new report .....reveals that Japanese companies have stashed away $1.56 trillion in cash reserves, the equivalent of Australia's entire annual economic output - and potentially a source of massive new investments in Australia under a free trade deal"

Source: FTA could see massive Japan cash splash
By Rowan Callick
The Australian Newspaper
Monday April 7th, 2014 page 16