July 07, 2015

Video: Japanese pizza business impresses Australian chief of Dominos Pizza, Don Meij

¨Japan has well and truly exceeded our expectations...we have gained further knowledge of the competitive landscape in Japan...the Japanese managers are quick to adapt and to make decisions¨

Don Meij , Domino's Pizza Chief

Source: Extra toppings for Domino's
By Tim Boreham, Criterion
The Australian Newspaper
Thursday February 13th 2014, page 19 and 23

News: "Tired" tourism facilities hampers Australia's ability to attract Asian travellers

Japanese traveller Copyright Peter Hanami 2005
Picture: Japanese traveller 

"The "tiredness" of aging tourism facilities is deterring newly wealthy Asian travellers"

Source: "Worn out tourism sites put Asians off
By Annabel Hepworth
The Australian Newspaper
Tuesday March 11th 2013, page 18

Book Review: The Thief by Fuminori Nakamura