May 23, 2015

Japanese investors return to Australian bonds as returns near zero at home

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Title: Japanese taxi in rain Tokyo

"Aussie government bonds were the best performing bonds globally in the last quarter, gaining more than 5.5 per cent according to Bloomberg, Japanese investors have returned in their droves to the Australian bond market to escape the near zero rates of return on local assets"

Source: Growing risk of bonds squeeze: QIC
By Jonathan Shapiro
Australian Financial Review
Saturday 5th of July 2014, page 49

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May 22, 2015

News: Friday 22rd May 2015

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Picture: Japanese train station sign 

News: Friday 22rd May 2015

1. Pets

"the percentage of Japanese dog owners with small dogs has grown from just 26 percent in 1995 to 63 percent in 2014 — and 40 percent of them complain of pets that refuse to eat."

Japan Times

2. What is the Best selling 

Japanese literature at Amazon?

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3. Manufacturing picked up in Japan in May

"Japanese manufacturing activity rebounded modestly in May as output and new orders picked up, suggesting a much-needed improvement in demand at home and abroad."


4. McDonald's Japan changes menu

" it was adding a new chicken patty containing vegetables, as well as a salad and a low-calorie onion dressing."

5. Japanese Kirin is expanding in Australia

"Lion is the third biggest dairy processor in the fragmented Australian market."


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