October 14, 2014

Japan ranked as number two country in the high networth individual population ranking in 2013

Japanese bento lunchbox Copyright Peter Hanami 2007
Picture: Japanese bento lunchbox 

"Top High Net Worth individual population ranking, 2013
                         2013                           Annual Growth 2012 - 2013, %
1. USA            4006                           16.6

2. Japan          2327                            22.3

3. Germany     1130                            11.4

4. China             758                           17.8    Source: Capegemini

The top 4 = 59.9% of total worldwide high networth individual population"

Source: Offshore markets lure worlds wealthy
By Sally Patten
Thursday 19th June, 2014, page 11
Australian Financial Review Newspaper

October 11, 2014

Japanese customers can use Suica card for purchases on ANA domestic flights

Japan's Suica Card Copyright Peter Hanami 2007
 Picture: Japan's Suica Card 
"Passengers on ANA domestic routes are now able to pay for in-flight purchases using their Suica IC cards."

Small Print: October 8, 2014
Noisy children, Hirohito’s fairy tales, artificial bladders and more...
By Steve Trautlein
  Issue 1072

October 07, 2014

Japan has seen interest rates on zero for almost 20 years according to IMF working paper

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Title: Japanese coins

"Japan's (interest) rates have been stuck at about zero for almost 20 years

IMF working paper

Source: IMF makes case to lift inflation targets
By David Uren
Monday 16th June 2014, page 1
The Australian Newspaper