July 06, 2020

Book Review: Tokyo Island by Natsuo Kirino

Natsuo Kirino’s short story is based on a small unnamed island in the Pacific ocean. Kiyoko a forty-six year old woman is preparing for her wedding to her fourth husband today. An island ritual takes place every two years and the men on the island enter a lottery that is made up of seashells. As the only woman on the island she prepares for the day and imagines her new future.

’But Kiyoko was the star, no matter where she went. People on the island studied her every move, doing their best to stay in her good graces and win her attention’’

June 20, 2020

90 year old Japanese grandma is worlds oldest gamer

90-year-old grandma Hamako Mori holds a Guinness World Record as the world's oldest gaming 
You Tuber according to the Herald Sun Newspaper.

Watch her play in the video below (in Japanese) 

For English subtitles, click the CC button, settings English for English subtitles

Source: Gran's game for YouTube
Herald Sun Newspaper
Monday 8th June 2020
Page 6

Japanese Customer: Documentary - Gaman - A Japanese student's journey - studying in Australia - Details

Gaman - A Japanese student's journey in Australia

Subject: International Education, Japanese student experiences, Cross cultural marketing

Produced by: JapaneseCustomer.com

Length: 52 minutes Medium: Silent

Includes: 26 page cultural work book detailing the cultural components of the documentary


Title: Gaman - A Student's Journey

“Gaman” is a Japanese word that means endure. 我慢

JapaneseCustomer.com documents the life of Yuriko a Japanese woman who left Japan in search of a dream.

Recorded over four years in Australia and Japan, it provides a holistic cultural profile of the student experience of a Japanese international student in Australia.

It details three critical stages:
1. Life in Japan, 2. Study in Australia and 3. Return to Japan.

Life in Japan traces her life and influences in Japan. Family, education background, English study and work experiences. Provides insights into the reasoning for leaving for Australia on a Working Holiday visa and how she prepared for the trip.

Study in Australia reveals her first impressions, accommodation, cultural adjustment (food, language and friends), part time work, work experience and study. Learn as Yuriko undertakes study in Australia.

Return to Japan details what she does on return to Japan. Her choice of jobs and how she researched them. Results of job interviews and job applications. Did her English improve? Her reflections?, What new skills did she gain? And a summary of her total experience.

"Gaman details a Japanese student's perspective of the Australian international education experience and provides insights on how Universities can attract, manage and retain the most profitable Asian student "


"an insightful look into Japanese culture and Japanese students in Australia”

“a new perspective on culture and its importance in international education”

“a unique holistic profile of a student’s complete study experience”

“Gaman provides for the first time a base for culture based marketing”