August 15, 2016

Ikea in Japan shares customers insights

"In Chiba Prefecture, in 2006, local media were sceptical about whether Japanese consumers would accept cheaply made furniture from a foreign brand. Yet, as anyone who has visited an Ikea branch on a recent Saturday will know, Japanese shoppers have embraced Scandinavian interior style as wholeheartedly as they consume US products by the trolley-load at outlets such as Costco.

List attributes Ikea’s success to four attributes. First is research: “We listened to the market and built networks for a long time before we purchased land”, he said. “We studied how people live in Japan, and we still visit homes across the country every year”.

Second is commitment: “You can’t make a quick buck; you need to invest money and time. You need a ‘permanent’ mind set”.

Third is relationship-building: This, List believes, is the only way to overcome bureaucracy. “The World Health Organization has a list of banned substances but Japan has banned additional ones”, he said. “If you test products in another country, even to extremely high standards, sometimes different requirements may still apply”. This is where connections come in handy.

Finally, there is novelty: Japanese consumers expect this. “Unless you develop your products, customers will get tired [of them] very quickly. We use limited collections of items that you won’t get again”.

To this end, List has embraced the Japanese concept of kaizen (continual improvement), made famous by workers on Toyota Motor Corporation’s car production lines. “We are always looking to improve, and we use Toyota as a model”, he said. One of his key advisors is a former manager of the carmaker."

Source: Briton leads Ikea into bright future
By Lucy Alexander for BCCJ ACUMEN
MAY. 02, 2016

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August 08, 2016

Book Review: The Changeling by Kenzaburo Oe

August 07, 2016

Four Japanese brands make Australian corporate reputation index in 2016

"Corporate Reputation Index Australia 2016

Japanese brands

2. Toyota
5. Mazda
26. Lion
56. 7-Eleven"

Source:AMR REsearch

Source: Woolies reputation takes a beating, 
By James Thomson, Australian Financial Review, Monday 9th May 2016, page 18.

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