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June 03, 2022

Style: 🌸 Japanese paper lanterns

Kyoto inspired Japanese paper lantern #japanesecustomer

Photo: Kyoto inspired Japanese paper lantern 

Style: 🌸 Japanese paper lanterns

🌸 Please find a selection of different Japanese lanterns for your home

Japanese Bedside lanterns

Japanese Hanging Lanterns - Cherry Blossom Emblem

Japanese Garden lanterns

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May 17, 2022

Cleanliness: 🌸 Highway rest areas in Japan


Learn more about Japanese Highway rest areas here

Source: Highway Service Areas in Japan: Hasuda SA

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March 26, 2022

Food: Why do people love🌸 Japanese Convenience store sandwiches?

convenience store food in japan #japanesecustomer

Photo: convenience store food in japan #japanesecustomer

Source: SBS News Australia

The wonderful world of Japanese konbini sandwiches


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March 16, 2022

🌸 Customer Service Example: Parcel Re-Delivery in 🌸 Japan

parcel redelivery in Japan #japanesecustomer

Ever come home and found a card from the post office telling you that you missed the delivery of a parcel?

Well in Japan no need to worry as Japan Post allows you the customer to pick the re-delivery day and time that suits you!

This should be a worldwide standard for all parcel delivery companies!

Learn how it works here


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February 02, 2020

Foreign tourists in Japan spend the most in Shinjuku according to survey

Photo: Japanese crossing road in Shinjuku, Japan.

"Twenty-three percent of tourists said they spent the most money in Shinjuku, according to a survey by Life Pepper, a digital marketing firm in Tokyo. The Akihabara area, known for its electronics stores, came in next at 14%, while the upscale Ginza shopping district took third place with 13%."

Shinjuku takes crown as Tokyo's top spending spot for tourists
District's storied nightlife major draw for overseas visitors
JANUARY 24, 2020

December 28, 2017

Who are the three largest online retailers in Japan?

" Rakuten, Amazon.co.jp and Yahoo! Japan are the top three online retailers in Japan (Fuji Keizai.co.jp)

SourceMoriuchi, E., & Takahashi, I. (2016). Satisfaction trust and loyalty of repeat online consumer within the Japanese online supermarket trade. Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ)24 (Retailing Around the Pacific Rim), 146-156. doi:10.1016/j.ausmj.2016.02.006