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March 05, 2024

What are the ten best Japan souvenirs?


The top ten Japan souvenirs below!

1. Yatsuhashi

"Raw, unbaked Nama yatsuhashi (生八ツ橋) has a soft, mochi-like texture and is often eaten wrapped around red bean paste (an). The unbaked yatsuhashi (Nama yatsuhashi) is cut into a square shape after being rolled very thin, and folded in half diagonally to make a triangle shape, with the red bean paste inside. Unbaked yatsuhashi may also come in a variety of different flavours.[3] Popular flavours include cinnamon and matcha. Yatsutashi is also rolled into a rectangular shape and steamed. "

Source: Wikipedia

"Toe socks (also known as fingersocksglove socks5-toe socks or digital socks) are socks that have been knitted so that each toe is individually encased the same way as fingers within a glove."

Source: Wikipedia

"When purchased, the figure's eyes are both blank white. The owner selects a goal or wish and paints in the left eye of the figure's two eyes with Chinese or Japanese ink. Once the goal is achieved, the right eye is filled in."

Source: Wikipedia

"Japan is the world's largest sesame importer. Sesame oil, particularly from roasted seed, is an important component of Japanese cooking and traditionally the principal use of the seed."

Source: Wikipedia

5. Japanese Style Keema Curry

"A popular variation of this dish is aloo keema (potatoes and minced meat).[2] It is commonly cooked in North Indian and Pakistani households"

Source: Wikipedia

"Japanese green teas have a thin, needle-like shape and a rich, dark green colour. Unlike Chinese teas, most Japanese teas are produced by steaming rather than pan-firing. This produces their characteristic colour, and creates a sweeter, more grassy flavour."

Source: Wikipedia

"Royal Milk Tea is the nation’s favourite. It is a white tea with much more milk than usual which is usually made with a saucepan by boiling tea leaves with a bit of water and plenty of milk like chai tea."

Source: Hiro Miyoshi

"Kaki-pi are a common snack in Japan. The two elements of kaki-pi or kaki-no-tane (柿の種) are small crescent-shaped fragments of senbei (soy-flavored rice crisps), and peanuts. They are often consumed with beer and are sometimes a bar snack. Kaki-pi has several different types of flavors, such as wasabi, pepper, amongst others."

Source: Wikipedia

"Kit Kats in Japan are produced at Nestlé-owned factories in Himeji and Kasumigaura. The milk chocolate used for Kit Kats is made from whole-milk powder and Nestlé buys most of its cacao beans from West Africa"

Source: Wikipedia

"nama chocolate", a form of ganache made with melted cacao and fresh cream, and dusted with fine cocoa powder.[1]

Source: Wikipedia

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July 27, 2022

13 million tourists travelled to Japan in 2014

Foreign currency Euro copyright peter hanami 2010
Picture: Foreign currency Euro

“A record 13.4 million tourists travelled to Japan last year…JNTO said international tourist arrivals rose 29 per cent last year…and their spending jumped 40 per cent to more than Y 2 trillion (AUS $ 20.6 billion)”

Source: Chinese shoppers flock to Japan by Eric Pfanner, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian Newspaper, Thursday January 22nd, 2015 page 25.

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June 26, 2022

Best shoes for 🌸Japan travel!

Japanese warrior Jidai Matsuri festival kyoto Japan #japanesecustomer

Photo: Japanese warrior Jidai Matsuri festival Kyoto Japan #japanesecustomer

best shoes for japan travel #japanesecustomer

Best shoes for 🌸Japan travel!

In Japan, you often find yourself taking your shoes on and off multiple times a day.

* Visiting a restaurant with a tatami floor or raised seating platform

* Visiting a person's house

* Various other occasions

* Summertime when working in the office

Birkenstock Super Birki Clogs could just about be the ideal shoes for working and travelling in Japan.

Feature/ Benefit

* Cork insert * Absorbs sweat and is easily removed
* Waterproof * Don't get wet in a downpour
* Deep textured sole * Non-slip on wet surfaces
* No laces * Save time, no bending down
* Lightweight * More space in your luggage for gifts

Learn more here

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June 24, 2022

Travel: 🌸 Japanese customers can access 191 countries visa free

Japanese Passport #japanesecustomer
                                                Photo: Japanese Passport #japanesecustomer

Travel: 🌸 Japanese customers have visa-free travel to 191 countries

"The Japanese passport is the most powerful passport in the world, allowing Japanese citizens visa-free travel to an incredible 191 countries and regions.

The strength of the Japanese passport is nothing new. For three years Japan has dominated the Henley Passport Index, which periodically ranks passports according to how many destinations they grant visa-free access to."

Source: News.com.au


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June 05, 2022

Travel: 🌸 Japanese customers added over $2 billion to the Australian economy in 2019

japanese customer ready to travel #japanesecustomer
Photo: Japanese customer ready to travel 

🌸 Japanese customers added over $2 billion to the Australian economy in 2019

July 2018 - June 2019

No. of tourists from Japan  445,358

% of total tourists   5.2%

Total spend ($ billion)  $2.05

Source: Tourism Research Australia
Original Story by ABC News, 
by Kate Ainsworth

Learn more about Japanese customers visiting Australia here 🌸


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May 23, 2022

Video: Flashback - Tokyo Motor Show 🌸 Japan 2007


Video: Flashback - Tokyo Motor Show 2007, 🌸 Japan

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May 17, 2022

Cleanliness: 🌸 Highway rest areas in Japan


Learn more about Japanese Highway rest areas here

Source: Highway Service Areas in Japan: Hasuda SA

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May 07, 2022

Picture: 100 yen cooked scallops at 🌸 Hokkaido Fish market, Japan

100 yen scallop japan #japanesecustomer
Photo: 100 yen scallop 


Wakamatsucho 9-19 Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0063, Japan

Nearest stations: 

Hakodate Station

Opening hours: 

Jan – Apr: 6AM – 12PM 

May – Dec: 5AM – 12PM


7 Fish Markets In Hokkaido That Show It Is The Seafood Capital Of Japan

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May 03, 2022

Japanese train companies now fully running on renewable sources from April 1st 2022

photo aomori station #japanesecustomer

                                       photo aomori station #japanesecustomer

"Tokyu Railways' trains running through Shibuya and other stations were switched to power generated only by solar and other renewable sources starting April 1."

Source: Japan Today
Tokyu Railways trains now powered only by renewable energy 

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April 21, 2022

Video: 🌸 Catching a ferry in Japan

 Video: 🌸 Catching a ferry in Japan

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