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February 07, 2024

Picture: Japanese Green Tea with wooden spoon

 Picture: Japanese Green Tea 

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February 02, 2024

New Starbucks cherry blossom drink launch 6th February

A new Starbucks Cherry blossom-themed drink with launch in Japan on Thursday 6 February for 230 yen (US$1.56).

The drink will be called "Sakura Matcha with Sakura Jelly"

and is supposedly aromatic like the smell of actual cherry blossoms and comes in a chilled cup

It is a great-looking cup!

Image by Starbucks

Source: Sora News 24 
Starbucks Japan unveils first sakura drink for cherry blossom season 2024 by Oona McGee 

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July 21, 2023

Photo: Japanese Aisunomi Ice Cream made in Hokkaido Custard Vanilla


Japanese Aisunomi Ice Cream 
made in Hokkaido (Custard Vanilla)

July 19, 2023

Video: A typical Japanese evening meal

 Video: A typical Japanese evening meal

March 14, 2023

Have you tried the Japanese Baked Chocolate confectionery "CREAP" クリープ ?

Have you tried the Japan-made confectionery "CREAP" or クリープ?

It is very innovative because it transforms the company's CREAP coffee whitener into a yummy confectionery.

The confectionery is made by Morinaga. They have built on their coffee whitener CREAP and used it to make a new confectionery they called BAKE chocolate!

The confectionery looks like a loaf of bread when it comes out of the individual sachet wrapped in freshness foil.

It is crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside and then just melts in your mouth. A very pleasant texture and mouth experience which is not overly sweet.

They are very moreish, you cannot stop at just one!

The confectionery comes in a 27-item, multi-pack each portion weighs which weighs approximately 83g, and the whole package is 1.9 kg

クリープ ベイクドチョコレート

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July 13, 2022

Australian exporters get benefits from new trade deal with Japan

Japanese consumer advertising tokyo copyrigt peter hanami 2007
   Picture: Japanese consumer advertising Tokyo

"The Japan-Australia Economic agreement will give many Australian producers and exporters a significant competitive advantage. More than 97 per cent of Australia's exports to Japan will receive preferential access or enter duty-free when JAEPA is fully implemented"

Source: The Robb Report
By Andrew Robb
Federal Member for Goldstein
August 23rd 2014, page 8

July 07, 2022

Australia sells $1.5 billion of beef to Japan, largest export market

Beef barbeque restuarant in Japan copyright peter hanami 2004
Picture: Beef barbeque restaurant in Japan 

" (Australian) Beef trade with Japan

Value: $1.5 billion
Tonnes: 279,702
Live cattle: 11,570"

Source: New boom for meat exporters
By Matthew Cranston
Australian Financial Review
Thursday 18th September 2014, page 14

July 03, 2022

Japanese Yebisu Beer


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June 19, 2022

🌸 Foods you must try in Japan: Japanese Potato Croquette

japanese potato croquette hokkaido #japanesecustomer

                                   Photo: Japanese potato croquette Hokkaido #japanesecustomer

🌸 Foods you must try in Japan: Japanese Potato Croquette

In Japanese, they are known as "korokke" which is often written in Katakana as コロッケ which is used for foreign words.

Japanese Potato Croquettes are just delicious and they are very affordable! For example: at around 100 yen each

They are light and fluffy and have a unique taste based on the ingredients and the type of potato used.

Each region in Japan has its own potato variety.

The photo shows some Japanese Potato Croquettes purchased in Hokkaido, the northernmost island.

You can buy them widely at supermarkets for example Ito Yokado and some convenience stores or stand-alone food shops.

Q: How are Japanese Potato Croquettes are made?

Check the video below by Kimono Mum to learn how you can make them at home


Japanese Supermarket

Ito Yokado in English


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June 18, 2022

Technology: 🌸 Digital Price Tags at supermarkets in Japan

discounted lunchbox meal japan #japanesecustomer
Photo: Discounted lunchbox meal japan #japanesecustomer

Technology: 🌸 Digital Price Tags at supermarkets in Japan

Since 2009 many Japanese supermarkets have been using digital price tags. For example Tokyu

The benefits for the supermarket and customers are immense, plus the technology is environmentally friendly.

Prices can be updated in real-time

Learn more here

Source: Japan Retail News

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June 12, 2022

Video: 🌸 Fugu the poisonous fish eaten by Japanese customers

           Video: 🌸 Fugu the poisonous fish eaten by Japanese customers

Fugu is a winter delicacy for Japanese customers

Learn more about Fugu here

Source: Savor Japan

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June 11, 2022

Diet: 🌸 Japanese customers longevity insights


🌸 Japanese customers and longevity.
Photo. JapaneseCustomer.2022.

All Rights Reserved

🌸Learn more here

over 30 years of dietary evidence of the Japanese diet, 

recipes and health statistics that will blow your mind !!!!!

The World Economic Forum investigates the longevity of Okinawans here

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June 06, 2022

Video: 🌸 Food to try in Kyoto, Ginkakuji hand made biscuits

Video: 🌸 Food to try in Kyoto, Ginkakuji hand made biscuits

🌸 You can visit this shop here

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June 01, 2022

Video: Winter in 🌸 Japan


* Oden (A variety of foods in soup)

Learn more here


🌸 Make your own winter Japanese foods at home with this guide

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May 28, 2022

Video: 🌸 Japanese Fast Food Vending Machine

Video: 🌸 Japanese Fast Food Vending Machine 

Japanese Customers love convenience so a picture always speaks a thousand words.

Want to attract, manage and retain Japanese Customers use pictures on your menus.

Did you know that research has shown those picture menus are better,
"adding pictures has a positive effect on consumers’ attitudes toward the menu item, their willingness to pay and their purchase intentions."

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May 25, 2022

Article: How do restaurants in Japan 🌸spoil their customers?

 Spoiling your customers is an important skill in managing and retaining them.

Take for instance the level of detail Japanese restaurants place on making a customer's visit pleasant and convenient. 

The issuing of hot towels to wipe their hands, the glass of ice water, and the quick delivery of drinks. 

Pictures on the menu show the food, sell its uniqueness and aid for easy and quick decision making. 

Padded seats to make the dining experience comfortable. Plastic bags for placing your umbrella in if it's raining outside. 

Folding the toilet paper in the bathroom so the customer doesn't fumble. Quick delivery of the food. Hot food that sizzles ensuring freshness and quality. 

Constantly visiting the table, delivering food, removing plates, and checking that everything is ok. 

Topping up glasses of water, changing ashtrays full of rubbish, and wiping the table.
Quick delivery and high accuracy of the bill as most restaurants use electronic ordering systems generated from the table. 

Quick processing of the bill and a warm and hearty thank you when finishing and leaving the restaurant. 

Spoiling your customers is a great way to build loyalty and increase retention.
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May 22, 2022

Coffee Innovation: 🌸 Japanese drip coffee in a bottle

japanese drip coffee in a bottle #japanesecustomer
Photo: Japanese drip coffee in a bottle 

Coffee: 🌸 Japanese drip coffee, 

900ml bottled by AGF Blendy

 retails for 205 Yen ($2.48 AUD, $1.77US, Euro 1.56)

It comes in four varieties:

1. Unsweetened

2. Medium sweetened

3. Low sweetened

4. Original which is sweetened

🌸 Check out the amazing coffee choices offered by Blendy in Japan

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May 18, 2022

New at Starbucks Japan in 2022: 🌸Sakura Strawberry Shiratama Frappuccino from 15/2 to 12/4 🌸

japanese hanami #japanesecustomer

                                         Photo: Japanese hanami 

"It will be sold in a tall size only, priced at 680 yen for eat-in and 668 yen for takeout"

Source: Sora News 24 

It would be perfect with a donut from Mister Donut (which has bottomless coffee)

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May 12, 2022

Video: 🌸 Japanese Food Stalls


Video: 🌸 Japanese Food Stalls 

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