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February 07, 2024

Picture: Japanese Green Tea with wooden spoon

 Picture: Japanese Green Tea 

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February 02, 2024

New Starbucks cherry blossom drink launch 6th February

A new Starbucks Cherry blossom-themed drink with launch in Japan on Thursday 6 February for 230 yen (US$1.56).

The drink will be called "Sakura Matcha with Sakura Jelly"

and is supposedly aromatic like the smell of actual cherry blossoms and comes in a chilled cup

It is a great-looking cup!

Image by Starbucks

Source: Sora News 24 
Starbucks Japan unveils first sakura drink for cherry blossom season 2024 by Oona McGee 

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January 12, 2024

Funfact: What is Genkouyoushi and how do I use it?

Fun Fact: 

Genkouyoushi or in Japanese Kanji 原稿用紙 is a specific type of printed writing paper
It can can be used to write horizontally (yokogaki) or vertically (tategaki)

Correct use of genkō yōshi (400 square sheet shown):

  1. Title on the 1st column, first character in the 4th square.
  2. Author's name on the 2nd column, with 1 square between the family name and the given name, and 1 empty square below.
  3. First sentence of the essay begins on the 3rd column, in the 2nd square. Each new paragraph begins on the 2nd square.
  4. Subheadings have 1 empty column before and after, and begin on the 3rd square of a new column.
  5. Punctuation marks normally occupy their own square, except when they will occur at the top of a column, in which case they share a square with the last character of the previous column.

The paper comes in two variations, 

paper with 

1. 400 squares per page or 

2. 200 squares per page and 20 squares per line. 

It is normal to put one character or punctuation per square.

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December 22, 2023

What is Giri- Ninjo in Japanese culture?


Picture: Making sushi rice at home

"Giri-ninjo is viewed as obligation in return for a favour... Giri-ninjo operates in nearly all interpersonal relationships. Because parents lavish amae on children, children must repay their parents by taking care of them in their old age" 

Amae = the unconscious desire found in Japanese cultures to depend on others to do things for them

Source: Deciphering the Japanese cultural code by Rosenbergh L and Thompson, G

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July 28, 2023

Japanese customers love coffee making them worlds 3rd largest consumers


Picture: Japanese pre-made coffee in a bottle - amazing!

"Japan drinks a lot of coffee. You may think it’s a tea-drinking country, but coffee consumption is off the charts. In 2021, Japan consumed 433 million tons of coffee and “only” 100 thousand tons of tea! Japan is the third largest coffee market in the world after the United States and Germany."


July 21, 2023

Photo: Japanese Aisunomi Ice Cream made in Hokkaido Custard Vanilla


Japanese Aisunomi Ice Cream 
made in Hokkaido (Custard Vanilla)

March 14, 2023

Have you tried the Japanese Baked Chocolate confectionery "CREAP" クリープ ?

Have you tried the Japan-made confectionery "CREAP" or クリープ?

It is very innovative because it transforms the company's CREAP coffee whitener into a yummy confectionery.

The confectionery is made by Morinaga. They have built on their coffee whitener CREAP and used it to make a new confectionery they called BAKE chocolate!

The confectionery looks like a loaf of bread when it comes out of the individual sachet wrapped in freshness foil.

It is crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside and then just melts in your mouth. A very pleasant texture and mouth experience which is not overly sweet.

They are very moreish, you cannot stop at just one!

The confectionery comes in a 27-item, multi-pack each portion weighs which weighs approximately 83g, and the whole package is 1.9 kg

クリープ ベイクドチョコレート

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July 31, 2022

Toyota leads global car production at 10 million units

Japanese mountain road in Hokkaido copyright peter hanami 2010
Picture: Japanese mountain road in Hokkaido

“Toyota…the Japanese company- held on to pole position in the global car market with sales of 10.23 million cars and trucks in 2014…North America - it’s biggest region, with about 28 per cent of volume sales…sales of 1.1 million in China this year, an annual rise of 6.6 per cent…The company is expecting 3 per cent growth in the US”

Source: Toyota’s car sales reign threatened by Kana Inagaki and Andy Sharman, The Financial Times, Australian Financial Review Newspaper, Friday 23rd January, 2015 page 20.

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July 30, 2022

Japan enjoys the biggest net foreign asset ranking in the world

Japanese coins and currency copyright peter hanami 2007
Picture: Japanese coins and currency

“Advocates of QE (Quantitative Easing) point to Japan, which has endured bouts of deflation since its economy imploded in 1990..collectively, the Japanese enjoy the biggest net foreign asset position in the world”

Source: Printing more money not the answer for ailing European economies by Adam Creighton, The Australian Newspaper, Friday January 23rd 2015, page 29.

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July 29, 2022

Japan's Itochu in business since 1800's

Japanese freight trucks copyright peter hanami 2010
Picture: Japanese freight trucks

“Japan’s third-largest trading company Itochu..has been in business since Japan opened to the world in the late 1800’s”

Source: The new reality of Asian business is regional supply chains, by Greg Earl, The Australian Financial review Newspaper, Thursday January 22nd, 2015, page 29.

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July 28, 2022

Yahoo will hold its 35% investment in Yahoo Japan

Yahoo Japan neon sign copyright peter hanami 2010
Picture: Yahoo Japan neon sign

“Yahoo will continue to …hold its 35.5 per cent interest in Yahoo Japan..valued at  about $US 7.2 billion”

Source: Yahoo chief buys time with Alibaba spin-off, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian Newspaper, Thursday January 29th , 2015 page 26.

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