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July 28, 2023

Japanese customers love coffee making them worlds 3rd largest consumers


Picture: Japanese pre-made coffee in a bottle - amazing!

"Japan drinks a lot of coffee. You may think it’s a tea-drinking country, but coffee consumption is off the charts. In 2021, Japan consumed 433 million tons of coffee and “only” 100 thousand tons of tea! Japan is the third largest coffee market in the world after the United States and Germany."


March 14, 2023

Have you tried the Japanese Baked Chocolate confectionery "CREAP" クリープ ?

Have you tried the Japan-made confectionery "CREAP" or クリープ?

It is very innovative because it transforms the company's CREAP coffee whitener into a yummy confectionery.

The confectionery is made by Morinaga. They have built on their coffee whitener CREAP and used it to make a new confectionery they called BAKE chocolate!

The confectionery looks like a loaf of bread when it comes out of the individual sachet wrapped in freshness foil.

It is crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside and then just melts in your mouth. A very pleasant texture and mouth experience which is not overly sweet.

They are very moreish, you cannot stop at just one!

The confectionery comes in a 27-item, multi-pack each portion weighs which weighs approximately 83g, and the whole package is 1.9 kg

クリープ ベイクドチョコレート

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June 26, 2022

Best shoes for 🌸Japan travel!

Japanese warrior Jidai Matsuri festival kyoto Japan #japanesecustomer

Photo: Japanese warrior Jidai Matsuri festival Kyoto Japan #japanesecustomer

best shoes for japan travel #japanesecustomer

Best shoes for 🌸Japan travel!

In Japan, you often find yourself taking your shoes on and off multiple times a day.

* Visiting a restaurant with a tatami floor or raised seating platform

* Visiting a person's house

* Various other occasions

* Summertime when working in the office

Birkenstock Super Birki Clogs could just about be the ideal shoes for working and travelling in Japan.

Feature/ Benefit

* Cork insert * Absorbs sweat and is easily removed
* Waterproof * Don't get wet in a downpour
* Deep textured sole * Non-slip on wet surfaces
* No laces * Save time, no bending down
* Lightweight * More space in your luggage for gifts

Learn more here

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June 19, 2022

🌸 Foods you must try in Japan: Japanese Potato Croquette

japanese potato croquette hokkaido #japanesecustomer

                                   Photo: Japanese potato croquette Hokkaido #japanesecustomer

🌸 Foods you must try in Japan: Japanese Potato Croquette

In Japanese, they are known as "korokke" which is often written in Katakana as コロッケ which is used for foreign words.

Japanese Potato Croquettes are just delicious and they are very affordable! For example: at around 100 yen each

They are light and fluffy and have a unique taste based on the ingredients and the type of potato used.

Each region in Japan has its own potato variety.

The photo shows some Japanese Potato Croquettes purchased in Hokkaido, the northernmost island.

You can buy them widely at supermarkets for example Ito Yokado and some convenience stores or stand-alone food shops.

Q: How are Japanese Potato Croquettes are made?

Check the video below by Kimono Mum to learn how you can make them at home


Japanese Supermarket

Ito Yokado in English


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June 03, 2022

Style: 🌸 Japanese paper lanterns

Kyoto inspired Japanese paper lantern #japanesecustomer

Photo: Kyoto inspired Japanese paper lantern 

Style: 🌸 Japanese paper lanterns

🌸 Please find a selection of different Japanese lanterns for your home

Japanese Bedside lanterns

Japanese Hanging Lanterns - Cherry Blossom Emblem

Japanese Garden lanterns

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May 01, 2022

Photo: 100 yen watch #japanesecustomer

photo 100 yen watch #japanesecustomer

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March 11, 2022

New Product Review: 🌸 McDonald’s Japan’s new Godiva hot chocolate

 Available 19/1/22 - Now finished

Prices: 350 yen for a small size and 440 yen for a medium.

See the TV commercial at 1.56 seconds (Japanese)


Source: Sora News 24

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October 06, 2015

Review: Japanese Student Success High School to MBA Australia by Rawdon Dalrymple




Reviewed by Rawdon Dalrymple, AO. (Order of Australia)

Rawdon Dalrymple is visiting Professor in the Department of Government at the University of Sydney where he teaches courses in International Relations. He is also Chairman of the ASEAN Focus Group Pty Ltd. He has published articles in journals in Australia and the United States and writes a monthly column in a leading Japanese newspaper. He was the Australian Ambassador to Japan 1989 -1993

"There is paucity of research that examines the positive experiences of international students...Research that throws light on how students benefit from their experience, and then subsequently apply that experience, is therefore very welcome...

" is useful in helping to fill a substantial gap in our understanding…It is also useful to learn more about the factors that motivate individual Japanese students to study in Australia"

August 15, 2015

How to keep up to speed with Japanese words and terms used in business?

Canon Wordtank S501E Japanese English Dictionary for self studying Japanese

 A pocket Japanese English dictionary is a very handy reference for self studying Japanese and for studying out of home. 


* Lightweight and fits easily in your hand, pocket and bag

* Allows you to study outside home 
(you don't need to carry a large paper dictionary)

* Back lit screen so its easy to read


* Does not have every word you need
* Japanese manual

Overall, consider it as a good tool for self study


Dictionaries included:

Japanese to English - Wisdom Dictionary with 88,000 entries

English to Japanese - Wisdom Dictionary with 90,000 entries


Gakken Kanji Dictionary with 6,355 characters
Super Daijirin Japanese Dictionary with 252,000 words


* Back lit for easy to see display.
* Convenient bookmark function
* Multiple dictionary search
* Wildcard entry for both '?' and '*' 

* Jump key to quickly go to or from all 4 dictionaries.
* Wild card searches
* Adjustable text size (12/16/24pt)
* Large history function and more!!
* Batteries 2 AAA batteries last 80 hours
* Dimensions: Size 76 mm x 142 mm X 16.3 mm

* Weight:  Approximately 117 g (battery included)
* Display Size 2.4" (50.8 mm x 28.2 mm)
* Letter Input Method Romaji (English) input
* Character Display Size - Japanese and English are available
   sized 12/16/24/48 dot
* Accessories - 2 AAA batteries
* Japanese manual


The Canon Wordtank S501E is a dictionary for those with Japanese experience. This is a great reference for studying out of the house. It has English menus and you have to be patient with a Japanese manual. Do your research to make sure this product is right for you.

Video: Canon Wordtank S502 Japanese Dictionary


Source:  TheWaste95