January 31, 2011

Japanese customers & the companies they frequent in Japan - Get to understand Japanese companies with The Japan Company Handbook

"The JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK is a widely-acclaimed quarterly publication on Japan's leading companies, provides critical background information, a performance outlook and recent financial data on each of companies listed on all of Japanese stock exchanges.

The JAPAN COMPANY HANDBOOK covers 2,413 companies listed on the First & Second Sections of the three major stock exchanges of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. This part covers all the blue-chip public companies.

Local & New markets part covers 1,273 companies listed on local exchanges, Jasdaq and new markets. This part covers many young and fast-growing corporations.
Highly accurate to help you in your investment decisions

It is extensively reviewed four times a year. Toyo Keizai's experienced analysts cover companies listed on all exchanges and give the handbook original earnings estimates. Toyo Keizai's earnings estimates are reputed to be highly accurate by many investors through various financial information vendors such as Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.
A must for investors, corporate analysts, and business executives

It is highly regarded, not only by individual investors, but also by brokerage firms, institutional investors, and other professionals, as their most preferred source of information on investment. It is widely used by foreign brokerages and financial institutions as well. It is an indispensable tool for company researchers and those doing business with Japanese corporations."

Sample 1 : here

Sample 2 : here

How to order in English here

Source: Toyo Keizai
August 26th,2010

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