March 16, 2011

How to send a message of sympathy to your Japanese customer regarding the recent earthquake & tsunami

If you have Japanese customers that you do business with you may have been thinking about them recently and wondered what would be suitable to say at this time.

As everyone is very busy at the moment thinking about family, friends, loved ones and colleagues a short message expressing sympathy may be of comfort.

When sending an email at this time please remember that as people are currently very busy (physically and mentally) they will most certainly read your message but may not respond. Don't be too worried about this. Your point is to communicate with them.



English - translation

To everyone affected by the earthquake at this time, I would like to express sincere sympathy.
We sincerely hope early recovery and reconstruction.

You may want to include both the Japanese and English translation. The English translation may be useful for your Japanese colleague to help form a short English reply.

As mentioned don't worry if you do not get a reply, they will read it.

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