February 01, 2012

Japanese customer news round up Wednesday February 1st, 2012

Picture : Refreshing Japanese tea

Japanese customer news round up Wednesday February 1st, 2012

1. Japanese customers prepare for a shift in the University calendar to align with other countries

“…Japan’s academic calendar, and those in most other countries. Todai’s first semester runs from April to July, the second from October to January, creating timing problems for Japanese students hoping to attend universities in the United States or Europe.”

Source: Policymic

2. Japanese students at an Osaka University made their own hydrogen powered car

“ The students assembled the car in their spare time using parts they bought on the open market.”

Source:   Hydrogen cars now

3. Visiting Japanese student in UK not impressed with London Tube system

 “the Japanese student remained not too impressed by the British tube system,”

4. Japanese consumers change to digital television has changed the market for television sets

“Japan's move to digital terrestrial broadcast ..stifled demand for TV sets

Source: ZD Net Asia

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5. New Sockenbicha  bottled green tea launched in Japan

Please Note : Commercial in Japanese

Source: autoxpo24

Read more about the product launch here in English

Source: Japan Today

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