March 15, 2012

Japanese Customer News Thursday 15th March, 2012


Japanese Customer News

Thursday 15th March, 2012

Picture: Japanese customer ready to travel

Japanese curry - Perfect for a meal or snack!

1. Japanese customers take a shine to Jetstar Airlines

“ (Jetstar) It has carried more than two million passengers to and from Japan since launching services amid predictions that Japanese consumers would not accept low-cost carriers.”

2. Japanese convenience stores – loved by all!

Video – In Japanese with English subtitles

Source: Koinosuke

3. Billed proposed by DPJ hopes to get more part – time works be included in pension & health insurance plans

 “..individuals employed for at least a year who work at least 20 hours a week and have annual incomes of 940,000 yen or more will be eligible to join corporate social insurance programs”

4. Tokyo ranks sixth in terms of competitiveness according to a new survey

“..Tokyo sixth among 120 major cities in the world in terms of competitiveness, according to a survey report released Monday by Citigroup Inc. and the research arm of The Economist magazine.”

Source: Japan Times

5. Japanese salarymen are ditching the tie at work according to survey as summer approaches

“83 percent of respondents said they would go tie-less all year if they could”

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