April 23, 2012

News Monday 23rd, April 2012


Japanese Customer News

Monday 23rd, April 2012

1. Demand for LED lights in Japan increasing

Market demand for LED lighting in Japan has actually shown considerable growth potential, as the Japanese news agency kyodo News Service reports that scale of the market is expected to surge 69% yearly to JPY373.8 billion this year, and then mount further to JPY460 billion in 2020


2. Japanese web surfers like graphics & banners

“..Japanese users are more attracted to sites with lots of graphics and banners that give multiple entry points, while Western standards tend to favor simpler layouts..”

3. iPhone has 35% of parts made in Japan

“..35% of the iPhone’s parts are made in Japan, Apple’s phenomenal success is good news for a number of unheralded Japanese small and mid-cap stocks that supply components..”

Source: FundWeb

4. Japanese students opinions compared to American students on the topic of apologizing

 “scenario …inconvenience was caused by a meeting cancellation, 82 percent of the Japanese students said something should be said or done, but only 63 percent of the Americans did.”

/ Sorry to have made you apologize by Kate Elwood , Daily Yomiuri ,Monday April 16th, 2012

5. All 54 nuclear reactors in Japan will be offline on May 6

Operations at all of Japan's 54 nuclear power plants will be suspended "for a moment" starting on May 6, trade minister Yukio Edano said in a speech in the city of Tokushima Sunday.”

Source: Japan Times

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