April 10, 2012

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Tuesday 10th, April 2012

New: Sanyo- GoPan

 - Turns everyday rice into bread!

1. Japanese cosmetic companies targeting new Asian consumer markets like Korea

Shiseido Korea CEO Kentaro Fujiwara said he is aggressively targeting Korea because a company’s image here can be transmitted to other Asian markets. “Korea is an attractive market because it’s a trendsetter that spreads culture throughout Asia,” Fujiwara said. “Success in the Korean market will elevate the company’s overall influence in Asia..”

2. Aussie Beef targeting Japanese women shoppers

“ MLA research found 65 per cent of female Japanese consumers surveyed last year knew that iron deficiency caused anaemia, fatigue and other health problems, but 70pc did not know lean beef was rich in iron.Of the women surveyed, 96pc said they would purchase lean beef more often, now they were aware it was rich in iron.”

Source: The

3. Japanese “Gopanmaker ” takes everyday rice and makes 22 types of rice bread

Video: Japanese with English subtitles

Source: Diginfo News

4. Japanese see increase in car theft

In 2011, 24,928 cars were stolen in Japan, an increase of 1,153 vehicles compared to 2010. This was the first time the number of thefts had gone up since 2001 when 63,275 cars were stolen. “

Source: Yen for Living by Philip Brasor

5. Japanese and Americans use tablets in different ways according to new study

the majority of responders (57 percent) in the United States said that their tablets are comparable to smartphones, while the majority of the Japanese responders compared their tablets to computers (51 percent).”

Source: PadGadget

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