March 11, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter March 11th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, March 11th, 2013.

#1. Economy

"With the Japanese population growing older at a rapid clip, private savings have fallen to just 3 per cent of incomes and by 2015 people are forecast to start dipping into their savings."

Source: Japan ageing crisis offers glimpse of future
February 11, 2013, Matthew Kidman, The Age

#2. Statistics

"The average daily balance of cash in circulation in the country last month increased 3.1 percent from a year earlier to ¥79.7 trillion, logging the biggest rise in six years and 11 months, the Bank of Japan said Tuesday."

Source: Cash circulating up 3% to ¥80 trillion
Japan Times, 13/2/2013

#3. Culture

"obligation chocolates. (women give chocolates to men on Valentines Day and men return the favour on White Day one month later on March 14th) The average Tokyo office lady will buy 10.4 boxes of them this year, according to the Printemps department store in Ginza."

Source: Valentine's Day: Why women should give the chocolates
February 13, 2013, Opinion, Alan Stokes, The Age Newspaper Online

#4. Demographics

“ With a low birth rate for the past four decades, the absolute number of adults aged 20 – 24 has been falling rapidly. From 1995 to 2010 the number of people in this age cohort fell 32 per cent, and based on the number of people aged 0-4 years old in 2010, it is due to fall a further 20 per cent by 2030.”

Source: Six ways of staying affluent, By Edward. J. Lincoln, East Asia Forum Quarterly, July – September, 2012. Vol 4. No. 3,page 10.

#5. Saying

" At times the moon appears as a crescent, yet its true shape is always round "

三日月 ほんとは まあるい

Source: Jodoshu 2012 Calendar

#6. Crime

" The National Police Agency said that, for the first time since 1980, fewer than 1.4 million crimes were committed in Japan last year."

Source: the small print, February 6, 2013,
How to ward off colds... if you’re a chimp
By: Reg Dunlap, Feb 6, 2013, Issue: 985,

#7. Food

"As of 2010, approximately 95 billion servings of instant noodles are eaten worldwide every year. China consumes 42 billion packages of instant noodles per year – 44% of world consumption – Indonesia, 14 billion; Japan, 5.3 billion, Vietnam 4.8 billion, USA 4 billion. Per capita, South Koreans consume the greatest amount of instant noodles, 69 per capita per year"

Source: Wikipedia, "National Trends in Instant Noodles Demands". World Instant Noodles Association (WINA)

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