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August 19, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter August 19th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, August 19th 2013.

#1. Online Shopping

" The nation's online stores are enjoying rapid sales growth as they move to allow returns at no charge, including free shipping. ….Locondo Inc. has grown fast by touting this policy. The online apparel and shoe seller launched in February 2011 and had already generated sales of 3 billion yen for the year ended this February."

Source: Web Stores Gravitating Toward Free Returns, Saturday June 29th, 2013, Nikkei.com

#2. Business

" Australia ranks second only to Japan for the cost of doing business, due to high transport, utilities, labour, rent and currency costs"

Source: Suppliers on attack over steep rebates, By Sue Mitchell and Claire Stewart, Thursday 27th June 2013, page 3, AFR

#3 Steel

" Steel production was edging up in Japan but European steel markets were still under pressure"

Source: BHP, Nippon settle coal deal at five-year low, By Mariana Papadakis, AFR, Thursday June 27th, page 31, AFR

#4. Demographics

"Japan needs as many as 10 million immigrants by 2050 to offset natural population decline according to Hidenori Sakanaka of the Japan Immigration Policy Institute"

Source: Abe baulks at answering the immigration question
The Wall Street Journal, Joseph Sternberg, Reprinted in The Australian, Friday 28th June, 2013, page 25

#6. Quote

" the household" in modern Japan requires that every cabinet, brazier, and cushion be in its proper place; the chores of the husband, wife and maid are fastidiously distinguished; hard to please neighbours and relatives must be humored" page 8

Source: Naomi by Junichiro Tanizaki, Translated by: Anthony. H. Chambers,Publisher: Tuttle Publishing, Tokyo. 2000, ISBN: 080481520-8, Pages: 237

#7. English

"As a group based society, things become very fashionable and popular quickly. English is one of those things. Language schools have created the popularity of English through mass media advertising. Learning English at a language school is now considered an integral part of Japanese life."

Source: Living & Teaching English in Japan, 2013

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