August 26, 2013

Japanese customers to be able to buy pure soy sauce which is unheated and costs 20 times more

Picture: Gyoza with soy sauce

"pure, unheated soy sauce brewed at Kikkoman Corp.’s brewery....will be made available to the public...A 450-milliliter bottle of the pure soy sauce will be priced at ¥1,800, including tax. It is about 20 times more expensive than ordinary soy sauce, .... Production will be limited to 30,000 bottles...The pure soy sauce (nama shoyu)...Normally, soy sauce goes through a heating process during brewing to avoid oxidization. But pure soy sauce does not undergo such a process, therefore allowing it to retain a mild saltiness and a richer flavor. It takes about two years to brew, more than double the amount of time required to make ordinary soy sauce.

Pure limited-edition soy sauce to go on sale
August 25th 2013
Daily Yomiuri

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