August 30, 2013

News & Video: Central Japan Railway began testing new Maglev train, 500 kph, due to launch 2027

VideoJapan Resumes Tests On Its Experimental Maglev Train
Source: NTDTV
YouTube Channel

"Central Japan Railway ....on Thursday began full-scale tests of the L0 series, the model expected to be the first magnetically levitated linear train to run on the Linear Chuo Shinkansen when it begins operation in 2027.After completing test drives at 500 kph on the 42.8-kilometer-long Yama-nashi maglev test line stretching from Uenohara to Fuefuki in Yamanashi Prefecture to check such factors as durability"

Source:Maglev train begins full-scale test runs
August 30th 2013
Daily Yomiuri

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