🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese Customer Newsletter September 16th 2013


September 16, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter September 16th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, September 16th 2013.

#1. Investment

" Japan 9 percent of KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts private equity giant) portfolio of Asian investments by geography"

Source: Cash-rich KKR ready to pounce by Richard Gluyas, The Australian, Thursday July 11th 2013, page 19

#2. Stock Market 

"Japan Exchange Group, the world's third largest (stock) exchange by market capitalization.The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) which focuses on cash stock transactions and the Osaka exchange (OSE) which operates a derivatives-trading platform still operate separately"

Source: Tokyo exchange boss eyes IPO boost to revive markets, by Kana Inagaki, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian, Thursday July 11th, 2013, page 20

#3 2020 Olympics bid

“If the Olympics are hosted in Tokyo, businesses in real estate, construction, retail, travel, land and air transport, sports apparel, and food sectors will likely benefit,” Naoki Kamiyama Bank of America… “The positive psychological impact of the Tokyo Olympics on Japanese stock market and its people will far exceed Abenomics,” Kenichi Hirano, market adviser at Tachibana Securities

Source: Japan Inc. Eyes Gold In Olympic Bid, By Yumi Otagaki, July 11th, 2013, WSJ, Japan Real Time,

#4. IPO's

" Bankers expect about 60 IPOs in Japan this year, compared with 48 offerings last year"

Source: Tokyo exchange boss eyes IPO boost to revive markets, by Kana Inagaki, The Wall Street Journal, The Australian, Thursday July 11th, 2013, page 20

#6. Quote

" Yes, you must have understood by now" But, I don't understand, he finally shouted. " How should I understand ? You can't expect me to understand when you never say a word, can you? " p59."

Kobo Abe

Source: The Woman in the Dunes

#7. Apps

"In Japan, a set of apps based around the nameko mushroom has clocked 32 million downloads…The game is simple: you grow mushrooms wait a while, then harvest them by swiping the screen"

Source: Essentials, Gadgets By Chris Griffith,The Australian , Wednesday July 10th 2013, page 14

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