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November 25, 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter November 25th 2013

Japanese Customer Newsletter, November 25th 2013.

#1. Mining

“Japan has won the rights to explore for cobalt-rich crusts in the Pacific,… the International Seabed Authority (ISA) had approved Japan’s plan to probe … beneath international waters off the isolated Japanese coral atoll of Minami-torishima…Cobalt-rich crusts are presumed to …containing such rare metals as manganese, cobalt, nickel and platinum”

Source: Japan wins rights to explore for rare metals in Pacific
July 22nd 2013, Japan Today

#2. Bicycles

“The Tokyo metropolitan government has announced that it is to introduce measures to reduce the number of bicycles being parked on the streets in the Marunouchi area surrounding Tokyo Station….an increase in the number of workers commuting into the city by bicycle from surrounding areas has resulted in a growing number of bicycles being left in the streets surrounding Tokyo Station.”

Source: Gov't announces ban on parking bicycles around Tokyo Station, July 22nd 2013, Japan Today

#3 3D Printers

“Mitsubishi (Heavy Industries) came across an offer to use a certain 3-D printer for free for six months. The company took this opportunity to ask its engineering and production people what they might want to use it for. A 3-D model created with the printer was brought in to stimulate discussion.”

Source: 3-D Printers Give Manufacturers Flexibility, July 3rd 2013,Nikkei.com

#4. Life

"failure in Japan – whether in politics or business – is usually the kiss of professional death"

Source: The American View: Abe’s Comeback a Model for Business
July 22nd 2013, Japan Real Times WSJ

#6. Quote

" Juhei, liked to sit in a corner by himself and drink - cold sake in summer and hot sake in winter " p197

Shuhei Fujisawa

Source: The Bamboo Sword

#7. Sales Tax Increase

“the government’s two-stage plan to raise the 5% consumption tax from April next year (2014).

Source: Aso Still Sees Tax Hike Happening As Planned
By Takashi Nakamichi, July 21st 2013, Japan Real Time WSJ

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