August 08, 2015

Video: Japanese Customer News 8th August 2015

                       Video: Japanese Customer News 8th August 2015

Video: Japanese Customer News 8th August 2015

1. “The airport will have two such machines, for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, with only credit cards . ..SIM cards are priced at ¥3,450 for one week and ¥4,950 for two weeks. Both types offer a maximum download speed of 150 megabits per second and 50 Mbps as an upload speed. ..Buying a smartphone and SIM card together will cost about ¥13,000.”

Source: Sim card vending machines at Narita Airport from July 2015, July 17th 2015, Japan times By Kazuaki Nagata,

2. “Japan previously ranked as one of the world’s largest videogame markets. But the console-based segment has shrunk by half over the past seven years as free, high-quality games became available via smartphones, according to a recent survey by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association in Japan.”

Source: Sony to Offer a Limited Rollout of PlayStation Now in Japan, August 11 2015, By Takashi Mochizuki, Wall Street Journal Japan,

3. “In June .. Japan logged a current account surplus for the 12th straight month with the balance standing at 558.6 billion yen. Goods trade registered a surplus of 102.6 billion yen.”

Source: Mainichi Shimbun, August 10th 2015,

4. “the rising cost of soybeans and other ingredients is forcing Kikkoman to hike the price of its sauces for the first time since 1990.”

Source: The Small Print, by Steve Trautlein, August 6th, 2015,

5. “a single photograph of a young wannabe idol appeared online. It ignited a fire among idol otaku so large that it reached the mainstream press in Japan in the same day. The pictured girl, one Kanna Hashimoto, was soon after crowned “beyond angelic” and dubbed a “once in a millennium” idol for her natural looks and youthful energy.”

Source: Japan Today, August 9th 2015, from Rocket News 24

Video: Source: Rohto

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