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September 25, 2015

Book Review - Bending Adversity by David Pilling

Book Review  

Author:         David Pilling
Publisher:    Allen Lane, Penguin Books, UK.2014
                        ISBN:         978-1-846-14546-9 
                      Pages:         359

Important insights to modern Japan

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Bending Adversity shares with the reader, author David Pilling’s detailed knowledge, insights and abilities to find information about what Japan is, how it operates, it’s weaknesses, its strengths and it resilience in the face of many enormous setbacks some of which are manmade. As a country and a culture Japan is still relatively undocumented. Newspapers, magazines and websites still tend to focus on the bizarre aspects of Japan not the everyday and these days we seem to get less news than before from mainstream media.
If you want to learn more about modern Japan then this book will get you up to speed with interviews, statistics, personal insights and a balanced view of what has occurred, possible reasons why and what Japan may do in the future.
The book is structured into six parts broken down into sixteen chapters with a foreword, afterword and bibliography.
As Japan continues to generate interest in the West this book provides an up to date guide which sheds insights into their ability to bend and survive adversity. Japan is the third largest economy with 8% of global output and is a culture that is competitive, adaptive and innovative when under pressure.
Japan has survived the last two decades in a deflationary low growth environment and may have lessons for Western countries now facing the same environment.

Book Review

  Bending Adversity Japan and the Art of Survival by David Pilling

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