🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese LNG prices from Australia set to drop


November 23, 2015

Japanese LNG prices from Australia set to drop

Japanese port of Hakodate copyright japanesecustomer.com 2010
Picture: Japanese port of Hakodate


“LNG prices in Japan, Australia’s biggest market for gas exports closely track the Japanese crude import price with a lag of four to seven months…. The worst of the hit to LNG prices has yet to flow through…Westpac calculates…that LNG prices in Japan should be less than $US 9 per million British thermal units in May of this year, close to levels last seen in mid-2010 and down about 50 per cent from the highs of mid- 2012”

Source: Oil drop may cause $30 billion hit to LNG by Angela MacDonald Smith, The Australian Financial Review, Tuesday January 27th, 2015  pages 11 and 23.

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