🌸Japanese Customer : Where to see Hanami in Tokyo? Try Ueno Park


March 02, 2016

Where to see Hanami in Tokyo? Try Ueno Park

Japanese cherry blossom copyright 2009

Picture: Japanese cherry blossom 

If you get a chance to visit Tokyo in late March early April, Ueno Park is a great place to see Japanese hanami. There are approximately 1200 cherry trees in Ueno Park and these were said to have been planted in the Edo period (1603 to 1868) .

As soon as you enter the park you will see blooming cherry trees, the middle of the park has a main road and either side of this are said to be the best places to sit and enjoy the blossom.

Hint: from around the 20th of March until the 4th April, the park is very busy so it pays to plan your trip. Many companies hold their annual hanami party in the park and send new recruits to visit the park, mark a spot, mark it with cardboard, a plastic sheet or rope and to sit and guard it until the party begins, sometimes they stay for days and sleep on the spot.

Early morning is probably the best time to visit before the crowds begin to get large around lunch time and again in the evening when most companies visit.

You can catch the train to Ueno and walk a few minutes, the park is located very close and there is no admission fee.

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