October 01, 2010

International education research on the Japanese international student market by

Japanese Student - Buyer Behaviour - Australia

Learn how Japanese students purchase international education


Qualitative research on the buyer behaviour of the Japanese student market
Behaviour insights across eleven critical decision areas
Ten point customer profiles developed for each visa class
Includes findings, interpretation & recommendations

" how do Japanese students evaluate & buy education? "

Editorial Reviews

" International education is a billion dollar industry, cultural understanding backed with market research is the key to success. using qualitative research has undertaken a detailed analysis of the buyer behaviour of Japanese students in Australia. His study uncovered the unique buyer behaviour characteristics of Japanese students across four different education sectors. The findings will be of interest to those wanting to recruit, manage & retain Japanese international students as customers "

Book Description:

Qualitative market research detailing the buyer behaviour characteristics of Japanese international students in Australian education.


Education institutions
Third party suppliers

Special Features:

In depth interviews with 101 Japanese students results in English

Findings broken down by visa type.
37 charts & 35 references to current articles.

Product Details:

Format: E-Book
Language: English
ISBN -13: 978-0-9580582-6-1
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