March 23, 2012

News Friday 23rd, March 2012


Japanese Customer News

Friday 23rd, March 2012

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Tokyo - 
The History of the Largest City in the World

1. Japanese onomatopoeia – a word that imitates a sound

“ ‘Pom’ is a Japanese sound,” Ms. Kawai said. “It’s onomatopoeia.” She added, “Pom is like a little explosion, coming from some surprise or an idea.”

2. Japanese investors have their eyes on Australia

“..Japanese investors continue to seek investment opportunities in Australia”

Source: The AGE Newspaper

3. Japanese Facebook users doubles

“Facebook Inc… said Friday (16/3/12) that it now has more than 10 million users in Japan, twice as many as last September. Users ,.. measured by those who have logged into their accounts at least once a month … Mixi, the nation's largest social networking site, had 15.2 million users as of December.(2011)”

Source: Nikkei, March 17 morning edition,

4. Jishiku – (Self Restraint)

“During the first two months after the earthquake, the nation voluntarily withdrew from leisure activities as a mark of respect for those who had died and were suffering due to March's disaster. Public festivals, music concerts and sports matches were cancelled while people also restricted their social activities, cancelling holidays and tending to stay at home.”

5. Hungry ?  Video – How to make – Yakibuta (Pork) Ramen – English

Note:  Many Japanese websites delete their links after 24 hours

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