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March 01, 2018

Movie Review: Hospitalite


Movie Review  Kantai/ Hospitalite

            Director:                     Koji Fukada
            Actors:                        Kanji Yamauchi, Kumi Hyodo, Tatsuya Kawamura
            Running Time:           95 minutes

The daily life of a small family owned print shop in Tokyo

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Kantai or Hospitalite its English name, is a film set in the suburbs of Tokyo in summer around a small family run printing shop. The son inherited the building and business from his father. He now lives in the shop with his young wife with the young daughter from his first marriage and his divorced sister who has recently returned home.

The small business gains government orders for printing jobs as a sub-contractor doing work like envelopes. His young daughter loses her pet bird and so to help her find it they put up a flyer around the neighbourhood on community noticeboards..

A stranger sees the notice for the missing bird and uses it as a way to make contact with the family. He spins a story and slowly gains trust by working in the shop and helping with printing, which leads to him moving in and bringing his foreign born wife. Things become uncomfortable quickly in the small living space with two new strangers they don’t know and their big impact on daily life including loud sex and eating habits. The foreign born wife speaks English and soon takes over teaching English lessons to the young daughter much to  the upset of her stepmother. The owners wife is further isolated when the foreign born wife asks the owner to join him for dance lessons. The new visitor senses the owner’s wife may be embezzling money from the printing business and confronts her about it.

The new visitor then invites all his friends to stay at the house so as to help out in the print shop, as they are all foreigners this raises the suspicions of his Japanese neighbours. On the wife’s birthday the new visitor plans a surprise party which brings even more guests, music and the attention of the police and immigration officials as neighbours complain about the noise. After the arrests the original three who live in the shop find themselves again alone pondering what happened and what to do next.

A great setting, interesting characters, inter family relationships, visitors, social etiquette and conflict drawn by misunderstandings and unspoken issues leads to a film that will captivate your interest.


 Movie Review  Kantai/ Hospitalite

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