October 12, 2016

Japanese customers to pay more for Australian coal

"The (Australian) mining industry has reached an agreement with Japanese steelmakers that prices for most Australian coming coal will jump 117 per cent in just three months "                       Source: Coal price surge heats up economy by Peter Let and Aaron Patrick, Australian Financial Review, Wednesday 12th October 2016, page 1

October 01, 2016

Book review: Enma the Immortal by Fumi Nakamura

September 20, 2016

Japanese consumers like low calorie chocolate

Japanese consumers like low calorie chocolate

Video: Japanese Milk Chocolate Brand

According to research by Kadence Japanese consumers rate taste in chocolate the number one factor at 54%, followed by health 13% an convenience 13%. Calorie content was of importance to Japanese consumers who are worried about the impact of food on their bodies so lower calories the better.

Source: APAC not a ‘universal market’: Asia’s multifaceted taste and texture preferences for chocolate
By Oliver Nieburg & Patrick Young, insight director at Kadence International, 19-Sep-2016
Market research firm Kadence explores the varying chocolate likability factors in nations across Asia.

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