🌸Japanese Customer : Japanese customers get access to some very innovative medicinal pads for muscles aches


January 02, 2012

Japanese customers get access to some very innovative medicinal pads for muscles aches

Japanese customers have a great choice of medicinal pads for muscle aches and the innovative design and packaging adds great convenience. Take for example the muscle patch below. It has a three way application procedure. Follow me as we work through it , together. Step one you remove the middle part of the adhesive strip in the middle of the patch.This allows the pad to bend, giving you flexibility in positioning it, step 2, you take off the left side and apply the first adhesive part to the skin and step 3. with a firm attachment, it becomes easy to fold and roll out the rest of the pad without getting your fingers stuck to it. Also the pad has a better chance of a flat placement and less, folds and bubbles, meaning a better surface contact with the skin. Meaning more medicine is released into the skin to soothe the muscle pain.

Picture: Three step medicinal muscle pad with follow the number code. Easy as 1,2,3.

The pad starts working in about 15 minutes and is a vast improvement on western style creams and lotions that are sticky, greasy, hard to apply and 50 % get absorbed into your skin whereas the other 50% rubs off on your clothes.

The Japanese medicinal pad, is a one way medicine with the medicine facing just the skin, so no waste, no rub off on to clothes.So it is a real step up in terms of muscle pain treatment and makes ointments look rather old style.

Picture: Step one remove the centre portion of the medicinal pad

Typically customers have to wait until after they bathe or shower before applying creams or ointments or pads. Ointments must be squeezed from a tube, applied with fingers, rubbed into muscle and then wash your hands and wait for the ointment to be absorbed and to dry before getting dressed. A medicinal pad, is easy to apply, is adhesive and can be removed and reapplied a number of times without losing adhesion capability. 

Read more here about these adhesive pads at the Japanese website translated in English . If you use Chrome browser it will ask you if you want to translate the web page,