March 26, 2012

Japanese customers asked to reduce electricity usage as now only one nuclear reactor still online as 53 offline

Hot Japanese summer approaching need to use the Air Conditioner!

Book: Natural Disaster and Nuclear Crisis in Japan by Jeff Kingston

"This book brings together the analysis and insights of a group of distinguished experts on Japan to examine what happened, how various institutions and actors responded and what lessons can be drawn from Japan’s disaster. "


"Only one of Japan’s 54 units—in Tomari, Hokkaido—is still working, and that is scheduled to be shut down for maintenance work in May....“We are expected to secure a stable supply of electric power for the time being,” TEPCO president Toshio Nishizawa said in a statement on Sunday. “But we call on customers to continue cooperating in saving electricity.”

Source: Japan down to one nuclear reactor after shutdown
MAR. 26, 2012
Japan Today

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