April 03, 2012

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Japanese Customer News

Tuesday 3rd, April. 2012

Book: Japanese Tourists

"Japanese tourists spend billions of dollars abroad every year, and travel destinations as far apart as Australia and Manhattan compete fiercely for their custom. By taking cultural traits into account, travel industry professionals can better understand exactly what kinds of amenities, accommodations, service, and total experience Japanese travelers are looking for"

1. Japanese Travel Market – Are there any unique characteristics in the Japanese travel industry?

International ticketing in Japan is dominated by the indirect channels—travel agencies. “

Source: Japan Today

2. Japanese love to use Twitter

In January 2011 a new record was set by Japanese users at 7,000 tweets per second

3. The most expensive real estate in Japan is in Tokyo

The costliest real estate recorded was ¥27 million per sq. meter at two commercial sites in Tokyo, in the upscale Ginza shopping area and the Marunouchi business and shopping district.

Source: Japan Times

4. World’s oldest dog dies in Utsunomiya, Japan – aged 26 years and nine months

The world's oldest living dog (Pusuke), as recognized by Guinness World Records, has died at its home in Sakura, Tochigi Prefecture, at the age of 26 years and 9 months, equivalent to more than 125 years in human age

Source: Japan Times

5. Tokyo household size shrinks to lowest number ever

 “more people live alone in Tokyo than ever before. This year, the number of people per household in Tokyo fell below two per household to 1.99 for the first time ever.”

Source: Japan Times

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