May 06, 2013

Japanese customers rely on Hokkaido for 12 per cent of agricultural output according to data

"2011, prefectural data showed that Hokkaido...contributed 12 percent of the country’s agricultural output and about 20 percent of its domestic calorie supply. Hokkaido has about 110,000 farmers...provides 78 percent of the country’s potatoes, 61 percent of its wheat and a quarter of its soybeans. About 55 percent of the country’s onions, 48 percent of the pumpkins and 45 percent of the corn come from Hokkaido......83 percent of domestically consumed salmon is from the prefecture.

Source: Hokkaido opposition to TPP surges Prefecture says free-trade pact would rip farm sector to pieces BY ERIC JOHNSTON
April 10th, 2013
Japan Times

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