June 23, 2013

Young Japanese stuck in short term jobs, rented accommodation and low wage jobs according to government study

"As wages barely increase for workers in their 20s and 30s...this age group are living in rented housing instead of owning homes.....only 28% of this age group owned homes in 2008, down 14 percentage points from 25 years earlier.... the percentage who rented housing rose 20 points to 60%....more people are living in smaller spaces due to an increase in temporary and part-time employment and relatively low wages...In the Tokyo area, the percentage of those in their teens, 20s or 30s residing within 500 meters of a train station in 2010 rose 1-3 points from a decade earlier."

Source: Home Ownership Down In Younger Set 
The Nikkei 
June 22nd 2013 

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