July 05, 2013

Japanese customers in Tokyo share their reactions to Abenomics - street interviews

""I don't own any stocks, and I get absolutely no benefit (from Abenomics)," commented Miyako Wakui, 75, an unemployed resident of Ota Ward, who was listening to speeches in front of the west exit of Shinjuku Station. "And with the prices of both commodities and health insurance premiums on the rise, I am having a really hard time."

"Katsumi Miyazaki, 71, an unemployed resident of Iwatsuki Ward in the city of Saitama, took a positive view of Abenomics. "The Democratic Party of Japan was unable to keep its campaign promises when it was in power; nor did the economy improve during this time," he commented." "

Reactions on the street vary on perceived benefits of Abenomics, constitutional reform
July 4th 2013
Mainichi Japan

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