July 10, 2013

Japanese snack manufacturer cuts losses on famous potato snack ポテトスナック consumers rush for last packets

Video: Potato Snacks taste test with rival brand (Japanese)

Source: ポテトスナック ステーキ味【30円】いずみ製菓株式会社 駄菓子コレ
Potato snacks steak taste [30 yen] Izumiseika Co. candy collection # 52
hentekonet You Tube Channel


"The weak yen ....was the last straw for Potato Snack.The 25-year-old Japanese cracker, sold four in a 30-cent bag.With the prospect of a weakening currency pushing higher costs of imported ingredients, maker Izumi Seika Co. pulled the plug on the unit that makes Potato Snack last month, to the dismay of die-hard fans."

Source: Japanese Fans Mourn Demise of 'Potato Snack'
July 9th 2013
Wall Street Journal
Eleanor Warnock

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